Sunday, February 22, 2009


It’s official. I became a Twitterer.

I know you are not interested in what I think or do at the moment’s moment. However, maybe—just maybe—you really don’t have anything better to do anyway.

So come on in, and sign up to get the updates of my mood.


I regularly read VIN news.

And they read me.

There is a good reason I make VIN a frequented bookmark. They collect news stories that I might be interested in, such as Israeli news, Jewish news, and New York news. They make an effort, although they sometimes fail, to bring accurate facts and to be objective journalists.

But the comments there are disgusting. By reading the comments I feel like I wandered into a Hasidic mikvah.

VIN had a story last Friday. An Australian Jewish boy vandalized a Jews for Jesus outpost. He was caught, convicted, and—yes—he showed remorse that was accepted as genuine by the judge and the victim.

Thus, he betrayed the VIN readers at large.

The people who witness a sharp rise in anti-Semitic attacks globally so gleefully cheered the perpetrators of the same crime against others. The commenters there were all red-faced and eager to smash all missionary storefronts in a single-glittering kristallnacht.

In comment #5, I wrote: “Why the hate comments here? JFJ has the right to operate a storefront and those who vandalize it are criminals. Need I remind you Australia is not a Sanhedrin state; it's a Christian state.”

Commenter #7 replied: “doesnt [sic] mean you can operate a cult to entrap teens if it was your kid caught in the cult you wouldnt [sic] say that they threaten lives your real life the spirutal [sic] one.”

(Are you sure they entrap teens without the consent of their parents, Mr. #7?)

If my kid would be persuaded by a JFJ missionary, I wouldn’t celebrate, to say the least.

If my kid would be persuaded by a Chabad missionary, I wouldn’t celebrate either.

Does that give me the right to vandalize their places? I don’t think so.

Knowledge should be traded on the free market. High quality and low prices should bring a profit.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Cheese Tease

The Haredi community in Israel is so pathetic. The slightest provocation causes them to lose balance, scream like lunatics, and to take their outrage to the walls of Jerusalem.

The latest episode, by VIN news, was a recipe published in HaModia. The dish of fried chicken and noodles included a tablespoon of cheese. Imagine how the yentas reacted to such a taboo.

As commenter #2 pointed out, “Obviously this was a mistake. Can't these women figure it out without having to scream like lunatics?”

They are bunch of Freiherrs!