Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Hasidic Boy

Parody of American Boy by Estelle

Take me to the shtible; I’d like to pray.
Take me to the tish; I’d love to sway.
I really want to, dumb shtick and no clue.
You’ll be my Hasidic Boy.

Can we get away this Shabbos.
Where shall we stay.
Let’s go to a motel maybe, no we’ll have to pay.
Let’s not go beyond the subway.
Stay in the hood.
I never been to other Brooklyn and don’t like to flee for good.
Dress in all your fancy clothes.
Reshvolke looking kodesh to death I’m lovin’ your shtreimel pose.
Gawkin’ that gawk.
Balkin' that sick balk.
I’m likin’ this Hasidic Boy. Hasidic Boy.

Take me to the Rebbe; I’d like to see him play.
Take me to the mikvah; I’d love to see them gay.
I really want to come stick with da Jew.
You’ll be my Hasidic Boy. Hasidic Boy.

La da da, da da, de da
La da da, da da, de da
Hasidic Boy

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