Monday, December 22, 2008

White Bride

I’m dreaming of a white bride
When we used each other to know
Where your headband pearls glisten
And I enviously listen
To hear your giggles in grounds below

I’m dreaming of a white bride
Just like the ones I used to know
Where your dress would glisten
And obediently listen
To hear me pronounce my vow

I’m dreaming of a white bride
As the our worlds apart would grow
Where your leather boots glisten
And I yearningly listen
To hear leaves rustle as you go

I’m dreaming of a white bride
The night it was your show
Where your ring would glisten
And you quietly listen
To hear the pledge of your beau

I’m dreaming of a night ride
As we sneaked out tiptoe
Our eyes would glisten
As we attentively listen
To hear our voices low

I’m dreaming of a white bride
Our eyes all aglow
Where the glasses glisten
And we cheerfully listen
To hear the toasts we throw

I’m dreaming of a bright outside
Like the ones I would never know
Where my morals would glisten
And to my heartbeat I listen
Pure as the driven snow

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